Legal Documents

Commonwealth Court Documents (Nov 2014 – April 2015)

Petition for Review

Motion to Expedite

Order Denying Motion to Expedite

Executive Branch Preliminary Objections

Legislative Branch Preliminary Objections

Order for Preliminary Objections Schedule

Petitioners Answer to Executive Branch Preliminary Objections

Petitioners Answer to Legislative Branch Preliminary Objections

Brief in Support of Executive Branch Respondents Preliminary Objections

Petitioners Brief in Opposition to Respondents Preliminary Objections





PA Supreme Court Appeal Documents (May 2015 – September 2017)

Notice of Appeal_5_20_15

Jurisdictional Statement_5_20_15

Brief of Appellants

Amicus Brief in Support of the Appellants–Consortium for Public Education

Amicus Brief in Support of the Appellants–PCCY et al.

Amicus Brief in Support of the Appellants–Law School Professors

Amicus Brief in Support of the Appellants–Philadelphia Federation of Teachers and American Federation of Teachers

Respondents (Executive Branch): Brief of Appellees

Respondents (Legislative Branch): Brief of Appellees

Reply Brief of Appellants

Amicus Brief – City of Philadelphia

Application of Governor Tom Wolf for Leave to File Supplemental Brief Addressing Recent Legislative Developments

Appellants’ Response to Governor Wolf’s Application to File Supplemental Brief

Order Granting Leave for Governor to File Supplemental Brief

Supreme Court Decision (September 28, 2017)

Commonwealth Court documents (2018)

Our Brief in Opposition to Preliminary Objections

Brief of Senator Joseph Scarnati

Brief of Governor Wolf

Brief of Speaker Michael Turzai

Brief of State Board Education